About Us

We are all about the Dolce Vita

It’s no secret that Zsolt has a great respect for the Italian cuisine, and believes that it is not only in cooked food that quality is to be found - which is something he is not willing to compromise on - but that there is just as much potential at the intersection of cold cuisine and Italian street food.

Taste the real Italian street food

Our deli counter is constantly updated with a selection of 9-10 rustic, authentic Italian sandwiches, all named after Italian regions and cities. For example, a panino with the fancy name of Bologna features paper-thin, silky mortadella, pistachio pesto cream, Emental cheese and rucola.

Panino is life

One of our favorite Italian, focaccia-based sandwiches, for example, has been spiced up with real delicacies such as truffle cream ricotta cheese, traditional Tuscan finocchiona, or fennel salami, primo-sale and sheep cheese with pepper.

La nostra Dolce Vita...

Our ars poetica

We strongly believe that the mentality which Italians share, their relationship with natural ingredients is the essence for leading a happy and culinarily fulfilling life! With the re-opening of our beloved Elefantino, we aimed to create a place in Pécs where you can sit back and truly treat yourself while adopting this mentality: whether it be a well-deserved, long breakfast, a quick and easy lunch or just simply shopping quality food.

Homemade, crispy focaccia

The perfectly crispy base of our sandwiches is based on a recipe which we have learned from the Italian cooking courses we had taken over the years: Zsolt bakes the fresh focaccia bread every morning, and we knead the dough on the spot!

100% Made in Italy ingredients

All the ingredients come from Italy: every two weeks Zsolt travels to Udine to bring you a wide variety of cured hams, olive oils, cheeses, sauces and other traditionally Italian ingredients! Our counter offers more than 30 different cheeses and cold cuts - what are you waiting for?

Chef Sandro Arena

Authentic experience with chef Alessandro Arena

Thanks to a long-standing friendship, the Italian chef, Alessandro Arena has now become part of the Elefantino team! His occasional presence guarantees one or two things: there will be an amazing sortiment of Southern Italian desserts, like the beloved cannolo, and beyond all, he’ll make saltier specialties like the king of the Napoletan street food, the ragu stuffed arancino!