Italian Bistro & Paninoteca

The most important ingredient of cooking is the love we have for those we cook!

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About Us

The Elefantino Bistro & Paninoteca is not just a simple Italian delicatessen, but many other things too: a sandwich bar, a warm Italian style breakfast and lunch place and last but not least a shop where you can taste top culinary specialties. Whenever you would like to have a quick, but delicious bite, or a platter of cold cuts made of premium selected, 100% Made in Italy ingredients, we are the place, that you have been longing for!
As soon as you cross the threshold, the intimate, Italian serenity that Zsolt and the bistro & paninoteca's manager Alexa bring to the table is guaranteed: no matter if you drop in for a few minutes at lunchtime or a leisurely, extended lunch or breakfast, you're guaranteed to be recharged!

Our culinary world

Welcome to Zsolt’s Italian Pantry

The name of Zsolt Zachár is widely known amongst the residents of Pécs: he is well-known for his ability to create something long-lasting and of importance and does it in an overly passionate manner. His relationship with the Italian kitchen is legendary in the mediterranean city of Pécs: he aimed to build a top-notch culinary place right next to his Italian restaurant which has been open for almost three decades. The twist in the concept of Elefantino,- which is the little brother to Zsolt’s restaurant, the Elephant- is that Zsolt uses the 100% Made in Italy ingredients sold at the counter to serve the food he prepares for his guests. As a result, there's a much bigger selection on the spot than you might think at first glance: that's when it's really worth letting your culinary imagination run wild!